What is Massage?

Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body. It can help trigger the bodies own natural healing. Giving a horse a regular massage can help improve the condition of it’s coat by stimulating sebaceous glands, aids the venous and lymphatic circulation, assists with tone and elasticity of muscle fibres and best of all strengthens the bond between animal and handler.

Massage therapy greatly relaxes the nervous system from stress, helping the psychological factors between body and mind. Massage can relax your horse and and give strength and flexibility after exercise and recovery from an injury is greatly increased.

Benefits of Massage

  • Enhances injury recovery
  • Increases range of movement
  • Increased and improved circulation and muscle tone
  • Enhances performance
  • Releases good endorphins
  • Improve skin texture
  • Increased removal of waste
  • Relieves fatigue in muscles
  • Eases painful joints

You can massage pre event and post event  (I can travel to your events to do this for you).